There's never been an easier time to be a hero. Stop the fascists before they start using guns on you. Defend your local post office.

Most great labor victories have been won when workers fight for more than themselves— fighting for and together with families and communities at the very least, and oftentimes for the people as a whole or workers as a class very much in mind. Well, now postal workers are called to fight for themselves, for their country, for democracy.

Help them.

Talk to letter carriers and to people at the post offices. Find out where the sorting machines are. Set up watches.

Do the same at mailboxes in targeted areas. Heck, help people there jump through the hoops to vote early and physically drop off their ballots. While there, ask people what they really want out of voting. Find out ways to show up for people when not asking for their vote, and then demand the same of our politicians.

Plan to bring the same attention and energy to every other way the vote is suppressed (that has already led to at least two stolen presidential elections out of the past five).

Especially now that the House of Representatives has started to interrogate the suited saboteurs in D.C., there's very little chance charges against anyone who surrounds or occupies a postal service facility to protect it will result in a conviction. There's never been an easier time to be a hero.

A few political hit men appointed by Trump can't finish destroying the quintessential United States institution, the post office, in the months it is needed to run the election— if we fight rather than passively being in the right.