Response to e-mailing me “We’re surprising President Biden and Vice President Harris with a special holiday card — and we want YOU to sign it!”

is this satire? we are not getting paid to stay home to keep our immunocompromised friends, family, and neighbors alive. We are not getting mailed masks, and rapid tests, and send-in tests. Biden has not cancelled student debt or done anything in his power to make our lives better. He hasn't used the defense production act to keep all of these things in stock. He has not saved the post office or much of anything else that could save us, and Harris and Biden have not been getting the Senate to vote, 24 hours a day, on every popular item on the agenda, in one bill or in a hundred different ones, and making the holdouts pay the political cost and probably catching a break of having quorum with 48 democrats and no more than 48 Republicans/Manchin/Simena in the room, with Kamala Harris sitting in the Senate 24 hours a day to cast the deciding vote if necessary.

The Republican fascists will be in full control within the next three years because Biden and Harris will not truly fight for popular things—including voting rights!—which would be the right thing to do even if failing to do so didn't mean permanent minority rule by fascists!

It is your job to pressure Biden to save the damn country.

Please write all this on the holiday card, and unsubscribe me from this list until you have an ask that can help the people who need help.