As a small business owner, the whole idea of sending Payroll Protection through the business makes no sense. That money should be sent directly to every person and if they choose to stick with a company (like our worker-owners would) or to spend their money at a business, great.

If your workers don't want to help keep your company going (perhaps you'd have to grant ownership as an incentive), your business doesn't deserve the money.

Everybody deserves what is needed to live, no questions asked, and in the United States that's US dollars.

Really curious what the capitalist justification for giving relief money to corporations instead of people is. Because the answer has got to be some steps along the way toward a need for central planning, and socialists will happily eat that answer as a free lunch.

People can't be trusted with their own spending decisions? But the companies competing in the allegedly free market which is allegedly the outcome of such decisions are sacrosanct and must be preserved?

There's no logic to opposing giving people equal money—now in the pandemic/depression and always—that's not at core about preserving inequality, about ensuring that there's a class of people to be exploited.