Are you one of the many Democrats who thinks Trump is trying to start a civil war, just because he says or endorses stuff like “Leave the Democrat cities to rot” all the time? That thinks he's bringing fascism to the United States just because he basically says so, has concentration camps for immigrants (and people his loyal federal agents suspect of being immigrants), and is trying to sabotage the upcoming election?

Do you know who is going to be his explicit partner in all of this? Your local police force.


Seriously, start abolishing the police in your city today.

The New York Police Department just endorsed Trump. The president of the Police Officers Federation of Minneapolis campaigned with Trump. The Boston police violently attacked local residents counter-protesting the out-of-town fascist-organized “Straight Pride March” and then the Boston Police Patrolmen's Association strongly protested that anyone would pay bail for the victims of their on-duty violence. (Boston police may not have gotten around to formally declaring their alliance with the most openly racist and sexist President in a hundred years due to their former president being charged with raping a young girl.)

Lets take it as a given that you are clear on the danger of Trump and his wannabe fascist friends.

You may not agree with those of us who want a world “where nobody is in a position to oppress or exploit anyone else, and in which all the means to achieve maximum moral and material development are available to everyone” (to quote Errico Malatesta), but we are your essential allies in fighting off the reactionary, fascist, and white supremacist movement that has found a home in the Republican party and an unabashed booster in Trump.

And we need you to call off the cops.

The police who will do Trump's bidding and choose his side—and the side of his armed supporters—in a coup against democracy in the United States are mostly locally funded. Stop the local police from attacking the anti-fascist and other radicals in your town today, or else your police will be able to help Homeland Security maintain Trump's grip on this country in 2021.